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Photo of Professor Seán McConville

Professor Seán McConville (Project Director)

"My decade and a half of research into politically motivated prisoners naturally, yet unexpectedly, led on to the Peace Process. In this earlier work I was repeatedly faced with the human consequences of conflict, loss and choice, insights rendered all the more powerful - sometimes painfully so - by individual stories and voices. All too easily the passing years obscure or diminish these testimonies. This project will preserve them for generations yet unborn."


+44 77 75602695

Photo of Dr Anna Bryson

Dr Anna Bryson (Project Co-Director)

"This project represents an exciting new departure for me. It brings together a number of long-held interests - in local history, in the political history of twentieth century Ireland, and in the power of individual historical accounts. These interviews will enable us to probe the roots of our conflict and to document the complex and often contradictory motivation of all kinds of people - be they lightly or greatly touched by history. Although challenging and extremely sensitive, this is work that I find personally rewarding."

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Photo of Ms Margaret Andrews

Ms Margaret Andrews (Project Manager)

"Having been involved in a wide variety of EU funded initiatives for over twenty-five years and given my background in community economic development in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties I saw this project as an opportunity to contribute to a very positive and innovative peace initiative."

+353 42 9370420

Photo of Ms Sarah Lorimer

Ms Sarah Lorimer (Research Officer)

"I come to this project from the East Belfast Community Development Agency where I managed an oral history project. What attracted me to this work was the unique combination of academic research and community engagement. I am delighted to join the team and welcome the many opportunities that this role presents."

+44 79 17886957

Photo of Ms Jacqueline Dufaur

Ms Jacqueline Dufaur (Accounts' Consultant)

"I have been involved in the financial administration of Professor McConville's research in Britain and Ireland since the mid-1990s and I am delighted to continue to be involved in this work. I bring to the project considerable experience of handling inter-jurisdictional and multi-currency grants and I particularly welcome the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of EU regulatory procedures."


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